This is the calendar for all Scottish Rite events in Connecticut.

Each event will be prefaced with a Valley identification letter in brackets: [B], [H], [NH], [N], [W], which corresponds to the Valley involved in the event. It is possible that the same event may have multiple entries, each prefaced by a specific Valley letter.  The presence of a Valley identifier does not indicate a location.  A Valley may be involved in an event taking place at another Valley.  Open the event to see the location.

If an event prefaced by a [C] it indicates it is a Council (or common) event.

Click on the event to view details that are posted with the event, such as a location, map or reservation contact. The “Agenda” view will provide a list format, with easy to read event titles.

Degrees appear in darker red, other events are in blue.  Rehearsals are indicated by a [R] after the Valley letter.