This page covers both upcoming events and general news items.   More information on events can be found on the events page as well.

Upcoming Events

Family Picnic & Scholarship Presentations

The Valley of Hartford Family Picnic and Scholarship Presentations will be held on Sunday, June 10 at the Valley of Hartford, 207 Deming Street, Newington.  This event is free to all Valley of Hartford brothers and their families.   Each family is requested to bring a side dish to share.

The Valley will provide soda, water, hamburgers, hot dogs etc.  Come join the Valley for a fun and entertaining event.  The 2018 Scholarship recipients and their families will also be invited.

Informational Video on Scottish Rite Museum and Library Released

An information video on the Scottish Rite Museum and Library has just been released.  It is about 5 minutes long.  Check it out and feel free to share it.



General News Items