5K 2009 Event

On Saturday, July 25, 2009, the Valley of Hartford hosted the first Annual 5K Run/Walk for Children with Dyslexia. The brethren, from the Valley of Hartford and other Scottish Rite Valleys around the state, with help from their families and the young men of DeMolay, worked hard to put on a great race.

The race is a fundraising event for the 32° Masonic Learning Center for Children With Dyslexia. All proceeds from the race go to the Center, which teaches children with dyslexia how to read, at no charge to them. Our Center in Connecticut is located in Waterbury. In this time of budget crises and cutbacks, the proceeds from this event were most welcomed by the Learning Center.

In addition to the race, the Valley aimed to make the day an event, hosting a CHIP event, which provides individualized children’s identification packets to their parents free of charge. These packets are an invaluable help should a child ever go missing.

Entertainment for the event was provided by our DJ, Charles Yohe, who also happens to be a Past Grand Master of Masons in Connecticut.

Our weather for the day was delightful, and not as hot and humid as it could ave been in late July. While the course was challenging, it was well received. From the comments we all heard from the runners, the race was well enjoyed by the competitors, and they plan on attending again next year and telling all their friends. In that regard, the event was a success.

The race was so well enjoyed that it even spawned a side bet between Ill. Brother David L. Sharkis 33°, Active for Connecticut and Ill. Brother Howard D. Turner MSA 33°, Commander-in-Chief of the Connecticut Consistory, Valley of Norwich. Both were so enthused by the race, and spurred to action by their apparent lack of being in shape, that they made a bet to both train and run in the event in 2010. The loser must sponsor a child in the Learning Center in the winner’s name. As it costs $5,000 to sponsor a child, it is a huge bet, and both participants are seeking sponsors.

Here are some pictures from the event. (Click on any photo to see a larger version and your back-button will return you to this page.)