Sovereign Grand Inspectors General 33°

From the website of the Supreme Council, AASR, NMJ:

Achieving the 33° is an honor that can be bestowed upon a Scottish Rite Mason. It is not campaigned for. It is granted solely by the Supreme Council. A 33° Mason is a Master Mason who has exhibited knowledge, passion and sacrifice to his craft. The Supreme Council awards the 33° as a way of honoring outstanding and selfless work performed in the Rite or in public life. At its Annual Session the Supreme Council elects members of the Rite to receive the degree. Members unanimously so elected become Honorary Members of the Supreme Council.

Here is a complete list of the 33° Masons from the Valley of Hartford.  Biographical information can be accessed by clicking the name of the brother:

1865Joseph K. Wheeler 33°
1874Charles E. Billings 33°
1886Samuel M. Bronson 33°
1894John G. Root 33°
1897Silas Chapman, Jr. 33°
1900Normand F. Allen 33°
1904James H. Jarman 33°
1908William F. Loomis 33°
1908Thomas W. Morgan 33°
1909William W. Frayer 33°
1912Frank W. Dunham 33°
1914George N. Delap 33°
1920Clayton W. Rowley 33°
1922Charles W. Heusted 33°
1923George Francis Olmsted 33°
1926Thomas Frank Cassidy 33°
1928Norman C. Stevens 33°
1940Philip J. Jones 33°
1942Ansel A. Packard 33°
1943Walter L. Taft 33°
1944Louis C. Myers 33°
1945Irving E. Partridge, Jr. 33°
1946Edward M. White 33°
1947William E. Hanmer 33°
1948Frank B.Rau 33°
1949Louis S. Thomas 33°
1950Karl F. Sanders 33°
1951Fred C. Eppler 33°
1952Frederick R. Coles 33°
1953Frederick R. Starr 33°
1955Wolcott S. Bissell 33°
1955Albert Stanley Usher 33°
1956Raymond S. Penfield 33°
1957Elwyn Normand Myers 33°
1958Alvin E. Howard 33°
1959Benjamin B. Crocker, MSA 33°
1960William H. Simons, MSA 33°
1961Ralph B. Wright, MSA 33°
1963Frederick J. Links, MSA 33°
1964Kurt S. Pelz 33°
1965George R. Gay, MSA 33°
1965Preston R. Sage, MSA 33°
1967Arthur M. Grayson, MSA 33°
1968Harold K. Bonnick 33°
1968Leon A. Bradbury 33°
1969Richard Leonard Tingley, MSA 33°
1970A. Norman Johnson 33°
1971Douglas G. Dobbs 33°
1971Raymond H. Johnson 33°
1972Merle P. Tapley 33°
1973David Wainwright 33°
1975Russell D. Ramette 33°
1975William Foster Schreeder 33°
1976William O. Gadd, MSA 33°
1977John H. Bartman, Jr., MSA 33°
1978Howard V. Amos 33°
1980William F. Carpenter 33°
1980Robert A. Eastman 33°
1981Arthur J. McKinney, MSA 33°
1982Warren J. Blessing 33°
1983Grant L. Brown 33°
1984Austin P. Clark 33°
1984Allan E. Acker 33°
1985Herbert R. Olson 33°
1986Richard W. Graves 33°
1986Robert A. Haugh 33°
1987Raymond E. Ahlstrin 33°
1990Bruce T. Work 33°
1990Robert L. Steele 33°
1992Robert E. Strom 33°
1993Matthew F. Griffin 33°
1993Richard A. Incorvati, Sr. 33°
1997Russell F. Haugh, Jr., MSA 33°
1998Kevin J. Hecht 33°
1999Charles B. Fowler, Jr. 33°
1999Charles C. Maxson 33°
2000William E. Bohman 33°
2000Howard W. Orr 33°
2000Thomas E. Larson 33°
2001Johh F. Martin, Jr., MSA 33°
2002Anthony F. Keegan 33°
2004Gerald F. Thompson, MSA 33°
2005John F. Kessler 33°
2007David R. Blythe, Sr. 33°
2007Richard R. Jones, Jr. 33°
2008Francis G. Way, MSA 33°
2009Eric W. Manner 33°
2010Newton Buckner III 33°
2011Kenneth A. Barrett 33°
2011Jeffery A. Flynn 33°
2012Carl H. Anderson 33°
2012Robert A. Simon MSA 33°
2013Earl S. Evans MSA 33°
2015Gordon C. Willoughby, Jr. 33°
2015Melvin E. Johnson 33°