Past Thrice Potent Masters, Charter Oak Lodge of Perfection

The Charter Oak Lodge of Perfection was the first body in the Valley of Hartford to be chartered, but not the first in Connecticut. That distinction belongs to the Dewitt Clinton Lodge of Perfection in the Valley of Bridgeport.

Chartered on May 19, 1864, the Charter Oak Lodge of Perfection (at that time called the Charter Oak Grand Lodge of Perfection) followed the bodies of the Valley of Norwich by two years.

The Lodge was named after Connecticut’s famous Charter Oak. In 1687, when Sir Edmund Andros, a representative of King James II of England, attempted to seize Connecticut’s Charter, James Wadsworth spirited the Charter away and hid it in the Charter Oak.

Past Thrice Potent Masters

Here is a complete listing of the Past Thrice Potent Masters of Charter Oak Lodge of Perfection:

Term of OfficeName
Term of OfficeName
1864-1865Amos Pillsbury
1865-1866Amos Pillsbury
1866-1867Amos Pillsbury
1867-1868Amos Pillsbury
1868-1869Amos Pillsbury
1869-1870Amos Pillsbury
1870-1871Jospeh K. Wheeler 33°
1871-1872Jospeh K. Wheeler 33°
1872-1873Jospeh K. Wheeler 33°
1873-1874Joseph K. Wheeler 33°
1874-1875Charles E. Billings 33°
1875-1876Charles E. Billings 33°
1876-1877Charles E. Billings 33°
1877-1878J. Knox Hall
1878-1879J. Knox Hall
1889-1880J. Knox Hall
1880-1881Samuel M. Bronson 33°
1881-1882Samuel M. Bronson 33°
1882-1883John G. Root 33°
1883-1884Charles E. Billings 33°
1884-1885Charles E. Billings 33°
1885-1886Charles E. Billings 33°
1886-1887Charles E. Billings 33°
1887-1888Charles E. Billings 33°
1888-1889Charles E. Billings 33°
1889-1890Charles E. Billings 33°
1890-1891Charles E. Billings 33°
1891-1892Charles E. Billings 33°
1892-1893Charles E. Billings 33°
1893-1894W. Waldo Goodell
1894-1895W. Waldo Goodell
1895-1896W. Waldo Goodell
1896-1897W. Waldo Goodell
1897-1898W. Waldo Goodell
1898-1899Normand F. Allen 33°
1899-1900Normand F. Allen 33°
1900-1901Normand F. Allen 33°
1901-1902James H. Jarman 33°
1902-1903James H. Jarman 33°
1903-1904James H. Jarman 33°
1904-1905James H. Jarman 33°
1905-1906James H. Jarman 33°
1906-1907Edward E. Fuller
1907-1908George O. Brott
1908-1909William W. Frayer 33°
1909-1910John T. Henderson
1910-1911Leslie W. Reed
1911-1912Clayton W. Rowley 33°
1912-1913Clayton W. Rowley 33°
1913-1914Clayton W. Rowley 33°
1914-1915Henry G. Toothaker
1915-1916Charles Andrews
1916-1917George Francis Olmsted 33°
1917-1918Norman C. Stevens 33°
1918-1919Norman C. Stevens 33°
1919-1920Philip A. Mason
1920-1921Philip A. Mason
1921-1922Clifford H. Bell
1922-1923Thomas Frank Cassidy 33°
1923-1924Benjamin B. Crocker MSA 33°
1924-1925Frederick R. Coles 33°
1925-1926Clinton G. Nichols
1926-1927George Webb
1927-1928Clayton G. Brunsen
1928-1929John Dunlop
1929-1930Leonard H. Anthony
1930-1931William R. Stocking
1931-1932Ernest DeC. Stager MSA
1932-1933Irving E. Partridge 33°
1933-1934Frank B. Rau 33°
1934-1935Frank B. Rau 33°
1935-1936Walter L. Taft 33°
1936-1937Phillip J. Jones 33°
1937-1938William H. Simons MSA 33°
1938-1939Louis C. Myers 33°
1939-1940Paul C. Merrill
1940-1941Fred C. Eppler 33°
1941-1942Frederick R. Starr 33°
1942-1943Edward M. White 33°
1943-1944Ansel A. Packard 33°
1944-1945Elwyn Normand Myers 33°
1945-1946William E. Hanmer 33°
1946-1947Louis S. Thomas 33°
1947-1948Alvin E. Howard 33°
1948-1949Karl F. Sanders 33°
1949-1950Richard Leonard Tingley MSA 33°
1950-1951Raymond H. Segur MSA
1951-1952Howard G. Staiger MSA
1952-1953Irving G. Rau
1953-1954Jospeh Powell Schunder Jr.
1954-1955Ralph B. Wright MSA 33°
1955-1956Arthur M. Grayson MSA 33°
1956-1957Wolcott S. Bissell 33°
1957-1958E. Chester Andrews MSA
1958-1959William Foster Schreeder 33°
1959-1960Raymond Stanley Penfield 33°
1960-1961William C. Murray MSA
1961-1962Frederick J. Links MSA 33°
1962-1963Lester C. Murphy
1963-1964Irving B. Millen
1964-1965Merle P. Tapley 33°
1965-1966Leon A. Bradbury 33°
1966-1967Harlan G. Richardson MSA
1967-1968Raymond H. Johnson 33°
1968-1969William T. Ebersold
1969-1970Herbert A. Huffield
1970-1971Harold A. August
1971-1972Emory S. Anglin
1972-1973Malcolm Robertson
1973-1974Ralph Sinay
1974-1975David Wainwright 33°
1975-1976Noah J. Edelstein
1976-1977William S. Young
1977-1978Morton N. Katz MSA
1978-1979Kenneth E. Caswell
1979-1980Arthur J. McKinney MSA 33°
1980-1981Arthur J. McKinney MSA 33°
1981-1982Charles L. Lincoln MSA
1982-1983Raymond A. Hawkins
1983-1984Glenn H. Burdick
1984-1985Stanley H. Ostrinski
1985-1986Herbert R. Olson 33°
1986-1987Craig A. Buckley
1987-1988Emerson C. Reed MSA
1988-1989Sheldon C. Marshall
1989-1990Reginald Abbott
1990-1991Frederick M. Gaal
1991-1992Walter J. Whipple
1992-1993A. Robert Pasternack
1993-1994William J. Gilman
1994-1995Walter L. Whitman
1995-1996Kevin J. Hecht 33°
1996-1997Rudolph A. Gaydos, Jr. MSA
1997-1998Ernest J. Smith MSA
1998-1999John E. Doyle
1999-2000M. Neal Rogers
2000-2001Donald F. Gladding
2001-2002Thomas A. Transue
2002-2003Charles D. Weiss MSA
2003-2004Francis G. Way MSA 33°
2004-2005Kenneth Wartschow
2005-2006Arnold S. Grot MSA
2006-2007Richard K. Sozanski
2007-2008Frank Dlugoleski MSA
2008-2009Frank Dlugoleski MSA
2009-2010Eric W. Manner 33°
2010-2011Jeffery A. Flynn 33°
2011-2012Jeffery A. Flynn 33°
2012-2013Earl S. Evans MSA 33°
2013-2014Earl S. Evans MSA 33°
2014-2015Jeffery A. Flynn 33°
2015-2016Jeffery A. Flynn 33°
2016-2017Sterling N. Viets
2017-2018Sterling N. Viets