Past Most Wise Masters, Cyrus Goodell Chapter of Rose Croix

The Cyrus Goodell Chapter of Rose Croix of H.R.D.M. was chartered twelve years after the first body in the Valley of Hartford, the Charter Oak Lodge of Perfection. On the same day, the Hartford Council Princes of Jerusalem was chartered, bringing to three the number of bodies that would comprise the Valley of Hartford until 1984.

The Chapter was named after Cyrus Goodell, a member of Charter Oak Lodge of Perfection, and who, at the time of his death in 1874 was one of the oldest living Masons in Connecticut and was a Past Grand Commander of the Grand Commandery of Connecticut. His funeral on May 30, 1874 was attended by 400 Masons.

Past Most Wise Masters

Here is a complete listing of the Past Most Wise Masters of Cyrus Goodell Chapter of Rose Croix of H.R.D.M.:


Term of OfficeName
Term of OfficeName
1876-1877Jospeh K. Wheeler 33°
1877-1878Jospeh K. Wheeler 33°
1878-1879Jospeh K. Wheeler 33°
1889-1880Jospeh K. Wheeler 33°
1880-1881Charles E. Billings 33°
1881-1882Charles E. Billings 33°
1882-1883Charles E. Billings 33°
1883-1884Charles E. Billings 33°
1884-1885Charles E. Billings 33°
1885-1886Samuel M. Bronson 33°
1886-1887Samuel M. Bronson 33°
1887-1888Samuel M. Bronson 33°
1888-1889Stephen M. Ball
1889-1890Stephen M. Ball
1890-1891Stephen M. Ball
1891-1892Stephen M. Ball
1892-1893Samuel M. Bronson 33°
1893-1894Ransom N. Fitzgerald
1894-1895Ransom N. Fitzgerald
1895-1896W. Waldo Goodell
1896-1897W. Waldo Goodell
1897-1898Francis W. Havens
1898-1899Francis W. Havens
1899-1900Francis W. Havens
1900-1901Francis W. Havens
1901-1902George N. Delap 33°
1902-1903George N. Delap 33°
1903-1904George N. Delap 33°
1904-1905George N. Delap 33°
1905-1906Rial S. Peck
1906-1907Rial S. Peck
1907-1908Rial S. Peck
1908-1909Rial S. Peck
1909-1910Frank W. Dunham, M.D. 33°
1910-1911Frank W. Dunham, M.D. 33°
1911-1912Frank W. Dunham, M.D. 33°
1912-1913Frank W. Dunham, M.D. 33°
1913-1914George P. Merritt
1914-1915George P. Merritt
1915-1916Wilbur R. Newsome
1916-1917Wilbur R. Newsome
1917-1918Charles W. Heusted 33°
1918-1919Charles W. Heusted 33°
1919-1920George O. Brott
1920-1921Clayton W. Rowley 33°
1921-1922George Francis Olmsted 33°
1922-1923George Francis Olmsted 33°
1923-1924Norman C. Stevens 33°
1924-1925Clifford H. Bell
1925-1926William R. Stocking
1926-1927Philip A. Mason
1927-1928Thomas Frank Cassidy 33°
1928-1929Frederick R. Coles 33°
1929-1930Leonard H. Anthony
1930-1931William H. Simons MSA 33°
1931-1932Clayton G. Brunsen
1932-1933Frank B. Rau 33°
1933-1934Walter L. Taft 33°
1934-1935Walter L. Taft 33°
1935-1936Clinton G. Nichols
1936-1937Ernest DeC. Stager MSA
1937-1938Ansel A. Packard 33°
1938-1939Phillip J. Jones 33°
1939-1940Irving E. Partridge 33°
1940-1941Paul C. Merrill
1941-1942Louis C. Myers 33°
1942-1943Raymond H. Segur MSA
1943-1944Karl F. Sanders 33°
1944-1945Frederick R. Starr 33°
1945-1946Louis S. Thomas 33°
1946-1947Edward M. White 33°
1947-1948William E. Hanmer 33°
1948-1949Ralph B. Wright MSA 33°
1949-1950August G. Dennler, Jr.
1950-1951Fred C. Eppler 33°
1951-1952Elwyn Normand Myers 33°
1952-1953Alvin E. Howard 33°
1953-1954Raymond Stanley Penfield 33°
1954-1955Frederick J. Links 33°
1955-1956Richard Leonard Tingley MSA 33°
1956-1957Howard G. Staiger MSA
1957-1958E. Kenneth Wilson
1958-1959Wiley V. Ross MSA
1959-1960William H. Brainard MSA
1960-1961Arthur M. GraysonMSA 33°
1961-1962A. Norman Johnson 33°
1962-1963George A. Bradt
1963-1964Russell D. Ramette 33°
1964-1965John S. Gordon MSA
1965-1966Robert M. Gruninger
1966-1967Charles J. Bulthuis
1967-1968Robert I. Edwards
1968-1969Douglas G. Dobbs 33°
1969-1970Howard V. Amos 33°
1970-1971Alan R. Hunter
1971-1972Robert A. Eastman 33°
1972-1973Raymond E. Bogue MSA
1973-1974Thomas E. Larson 33°
1974-1975Clayton E. Young
1975-1976Austin M. Avery
1976-1977Richard W. Graves 33°
1977-1978Robert W. Ferry
1978-1979William F. Carpenter 33°
1979-1980Alexander K. McDonald MSA
1980-1981Grant L. Brown 33°
1981-1982Brian I. Birch
1982-1983Robert A. Haugh 33°
1983-1984Ferdinand D. Lewis
1984-1985Austin P. Clark 33°
1985-1986George E. Long MSA
1986-1987Charles H. Reeve Jr. MSA
1987-1988Robert E. Strom 33°
1988-1989Russell F. Haugh, Jr. MSA 33°
1989-1990Paul A. Bernard
1990-1991William J. Glanville MSA
1991-1992Robert T. Petersen
1992-1993Richard A. Incorvati, Sr. 33°
1993-1994John Giligian
1994-1995Russell F. Bjorkland
1995-1996Frank Chagnon
1996-1997Matthew F. Griffin 33°
1997-1998Carl E. Aspland, Jr.
1998-1999Charles B. Fowler, Jr. 33°
1999-2000Todd M. Gianetti MSA
2000-2001Gerald F. Thompson MSA 33°
2001-2002Philip E. Witham
2002-2003William E. Bohman 33°
2003-2004Herbert E. Grommeck
2004-2005John H. Spencer
2005-2006Eric W. Manner 33°
2006-2007Daniel W. Reeve
2007-2008Mark M. Hultman
2008-2009Richard R. Jones, Jr. 33°
2009-2010Theodore L. Hasty
2010-2011Richard F. Denno
2011-2012Guy O. Whelchel III, MSA
2012-2013Richard R. Jones, Jr. 33°
2013-2014Kevin W. Stuck
2014-2015Paul David Cross
2015-2106Kenneth Roach
2016-2017Shawn C. Coulter
2017-2018Mark T. Keenan