Past Commanders-in-Chief, Nathan Hale Consistory


Nathan Hale Consistory was chartered on September 25, 1983, in the Valley of Hartford. Prior to that time, Valley of Hartford members were members of the Connecticut Consistory, situated in Norwich.

Past Commanders-in-Chief of Nathan Hale Consistory

Here is a complete listing of the Past Commanders-in-Chief of Nathan Hale Consistory:

Term of OfficeName
Term of OfficeName
1983-1984Robert A. Eastman 33°
1984-1985Grant L. Brown 33°
1985-1986Grant L. Brown 33°
1986-1987Richard W. Graves 33°
1987-1988Richard W. Graves 33°
1988-1989Warren J. Blessing 33°
1989-1990Warren J. Blessing 33°
1990-1991Alexander K. McDonald MSA
1991-1992Alexander K. McDonald MSA
1992-1993Bruce T. Work 33°
1993-1994Bruce T. Work 33°
1994-1995Bradford H. Ross MSA
1995-1996Bradford H. Ross MSA
1996-1997Arthur J. McKinney MSA 33°
1997-1998Arthur J. McKinney MSA 33°
1998-1999Kevin J. Hecht 33°
1999-2000Kevin J. Hecht 33°
2000-2001Robert E. Strom 33°
2001-2002Robert E. Strom 33°
2002-2003John F. Martin, Jr. MSA 33°
2003-2004John F. Martin, Jr. MSA 33°
2004-2005Anthony F. Keegan 33°
2005-2006Anthony F. Keegan 33°
2006-2007Richard A. Incorvati, Sr. 33°
2007-2008Richard A. Incorvati, Sr. 33°
2008-2009William E. Bohman 33°
2009-2010William E. Bohman 33°
2010-2011Francis G. Way MSA 33°
2011-2012Francis G. Way MSA 33°
2012-2013Newton Buckner III 33°
2013-2014Newton Buckner III 33°
2014-2015Eric W. Manner 33°
2015-2016Eric W. Manner 33°
2016-2017Frank Dlugoleski MSA
2017-2018Frank Dlugoleski MSA

Past Commanders-in-Chief of Connecticut Consistory

Connecticut Consistory was chartered at Norwich on May 28, 1964.  Until Nathan Hale Consistory was chartered in 1983, members of the Valley of Hartford generally belonged to Connecticut Consistory.   These are the Valley of Hartford brethren who presided as Commander-in-Chief of Connecticut Consistory:

1931-1932Norman C. Stevens 33°
1941-1944Philip J. Jones 33°
1947-1950Irving E. Partridge 33°
1954-1956Louis S. Thomas 33°
1958-1958Edward M. White 33°
1962-1963Fred C. Eppler 33°
1966-1967Wolcott S. Bissell 33°
1970-1971Richard Leonard Tingley MSA 33°
1974-1975A. Norman Johnson 33°
1978-1979Howard V. Amos 33°
1980-1981William O. Gadd MSA 33°