Meritorious Service Award


Frederick H. Lorenson 33° Meritorious Service Award

The Constitution of the Supreme Council, Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite, NMJ, provides that an “Award of Meritorious Service” may be conferred upon members of the Scottish Rite, who by reason of meritorious service of a Masonic character, they are worthy of such recognition.

The award in our jurisidiction of Connecticut is conferred by the Connecticut Council of Deliberation upon the recommendation of the members of the specific Valley. In the Valley of Hartford, the four presiding officers meet in secret session each year to vote on candidates worthy of consideration. From that time, until the time that the award is conferred, the results are known only to them, the Valley Secretary, and the Council of Deliberation’s committee.

In 2012, the Connecticut Council of Deliberation voted to rename the Meritorious Service Award in honor of Illustrious Brother Frederick H. Lorenson, 33°.

Frederick H. Lorenson, 33° was born September 7, 1922 in Naugatuck, Connecticut. He served his country in the Army Air Corps in World War II, earning the Distinguished Flying Cross and Air Medal with three Oak Leaf Clusters. He founded and operated Metalmold Incorporated, retiring in 1988. He was raised a Master Mason in Shepherd Lodge #78 in 1956 and served as Worshipful Master in 1964. In 1983 he was elected Grand Master of Masons in Connecticut. On September 24, 1975 he was coroneted a Sovereign Grand Inspector General 33°, Honorary Member of the Supreme Council. On October 1, 1981 he was crowned an Active Member of the Supreme Council and served as Deputy for Connecticut from 1994 through 1997. Ill. Brother Lorenson passed to the Celestial Lodge Above on August 26, 2010.

Prior to 2012, the Meritorious Service Award was named in honor of Illustrious Brother Arthur M. Brown, 33°

Arthur Morton Brown, 33°, was born September 24, 1877 in Griswold, Connecticut, and was active in the legal profession, culminating his legal career as state’s attorney for New London County from 1924 until his retirement in 1947. He joined Mt. Vernon Lodge #75 in 1901 and was Most Worshipful Grand Master of Masons in Connecticut in 1923. He was coronted a Sovereign Grand Inspector General 33° in 1918 at the age of 41. Ill. Brother Brown was crowned an Active Member of the Supreme Council on January 7, 1937, and served as Deputy for Connecticut from December 3, 1940 until his death on June 12, 1949.

Recipients of the Frederick H. Lorenson 33° Meritorious Service Award

2012Frank Dlugoleski
2013Dale T. Cunningham
2014Walter Grube
2015Arnold Grot
2016Frederick J. Taft
2017Todd M. Gianetti
2017David S. LaFargue

Recipients of the Arthur M. Brown 33° Meritorious Service Award

1954William H. Simons 33°
1955Benjamin B. Crocker 33°
1956Raymond H. Segur
1957Ernest DeC. Stager
1958William H. Brainard
1959Ralph B. Wright 33°
1960Frederick J. Links 33°
1961Preston R. Sage 33°
1962Wiley V. Ross
1963Howard G. Staiger
1964George R. Gay 33°
1965Richard Leonard Tingley 33°
1966Arthur M. Grayson 33°
1967William C. Murray
1968John S. Gordon
1969E. Chester Andrews
1970George F. Luhn
1971Charles P. Winchell
1972Webster Culver
1973William O. Gadd 33°
1974John H. Bartman, Jr. 33°
1975John C. McClelland
1976Harlan G. Richardson
1977C. Arthur Lantz
1978John L. Von Deck, Sr.
1979David S. Williams
1980Arthur J. McKinney 33°
1981Ronald H. Doolittle
1982George C. Foster
1983Charles L. Lincoln
1984Raymond E. Bogue
1985Harold C. Goodrich
1985Stanley G. Hart
1986Paul D. Ladola
1986Morton W. Weiner
1987Emerson C. Reed
1987Alexander K. McDonald
1988Morton N. Katz
1988Carl L. Edgerton
1989Robert E. Eno
1989Allan H. Morander
1990Clarence R. Christenson
1990George E. Long
1991Clinton E. Driscoll
1991William G. Bryce
1992Charles H. Reeve, Jr.
1992Robert J. Schlatter
1993Russell F. Haugh, Jr. 33°
1993Albert G. Kaeser
1994John F. Martin, Jr. 33°
1994Karl H. Sjovall.
1995Thomas S. McGrath
1995Harold H. Crandall
1996Bradford H. Ross
1997Robert E. Fairfield
1998Rudolph A. Gaydos, Jr.
1999William J. Glanville
2000Samuel A. Frink
2001Bruce M. Hanson
2002Ernest J. Smith
2003Gerald F. Thompson 33°
2004Daniel George
2005Franklin J. Davis
2006Francis G. Way 33°
2007Charles D. Weiss
2008Robert A. Simon 33°
2009Earl S. Evans 33°
2010Alan J. Cunningham
2011Louis O. House IV