Executive Council

The Valley of Hartford Executive Council performs the business work of the Valley.  The Council is presided over by a Chairman, who is elected from the presiding officers of the four bodies that comprise the Valley. He is assisted by a Vice Chairman, elected from the members of the Council. The Council is composed of the top three officers from each body (Lodge, Council, Chapter, and Consistory), three 33° members who can serve for a maximum of three 3-year terms, the Secretary, and the Treasurer.

Meetings are held between four and six times per year, at the call of the Chairman.

The Chairman and Vice Chairman are elected annually at an Executive Council meeting held immediately after the Annual Meeting of the Valley of Hartford.

Current members are:

  • Frank Dlugoleski MSA         Chairman
  • Sterling N. Viets                   Vice Chairman
  • Ill. David R. Blythe, Sr., 33°      Secretary
  • Ill. Anthony F. Keegan, 33°       Treasurer
  • Ill. John F. Kessler 33°
  • Ill. Richard R. Jones, Jr. 33°
  • Mark Blackaby
  • Brian Cavanagh
  • Anthony Gesnaldo
  • Renard Daley
  • Dale Cunningham MSA
  • Mark T. Keenan
  • Maroun Zoghbi
  • Robert McKay
  • ll. William E. Bohman 33°
  • Ill. Francis G. Way 33° MSA
  • Ill. Gordon Willoughby 33°